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Protein & Energy Needs: Male Athletes

Content by: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Male athletes often want to build body mass. To meet this goal, the body requires both protein and carbs...Read more!

Protein & Energy Needs: Male Athletes


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This protein guide and presentation offers an overview and a plan to meet protein needs of young, male athletes. Yes, protein is necessary to repair muscles, but it is exercise that builds muscle mass. Carbs are the muscle fuel necessary for exercise.

General guidelines for males and meal planning:
• Calories: 4,000-6,000 (depending on body size and position played)
• Protein needs, based on 0.8 g protein/lb body weight (about 1.8 g protein/kg)
• 175 lb player needs about 140 g protein/day; 220 lb player needs about 175 g protein/day

NOTE: Hungry athletes will eat more than outlined in this example. Increase or decrease portions of proteins and carbs, based on your body weight and your exercise program.

Next Steps:
1. Calculate the amount of carbs to accompany the protein requirements.
2. Exercise to build muscle mass.

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