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The Basics: Exercise and Calories

Generally, nutrition requirements continue change with maturity and activity levels. For active males and females, calories are important in fueling the body. Take a look at a few basics in calorie requirements.

5/30/24, 3:49 AM


Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the grocery store! Individuals and families are finding it more challenging to maintain a healthy diet and meal plan on a budget. You can offer your clients suggestions and ideas that are easy and practical. Tak...

3/18/24, 2:11 AM


Eating for Gut Health

Focusing eating for Gut Health can help to restore balance to your gut microbiome and promote an optimal environment for the “good bacteria” to thrive. Click to learn more!

2/15/24, 1:22 AM


Shopping on a Budget

Faced with rising inflation, the importance of budget friendly grocery shopping is important. Review some money saving tips!

2/15/24, 1:21 AM


Eating for a Healthy Heart

Healthy Hearts require a commitment to eating right! A great slide deck for any age group presentation.

1/23/24, 1:06 AM


Weight Management: Client Education Support Tools

Finding the right combination of visual learning tools and handouts can be a challenge for weight management coaches and teams. Find the right resources for your work with clients.

1/17/24, 7:12 AM


Breaking Down the Dietary Guidelines, 2020-2025

The new Dietary Guidelines are now available, and there is certainly a lot there to digest. Use this presentation to support efforts to simplify for others.

1/17/24, 6:48 AM


Healthy Tips: Dietary Guidelines

Keep up with the dietary guidelines! A few great reminders for nutrition and healthy behaviors...

12/4/23, 3:14 PM


New Year, with a New Healthy Start!

Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. But, according to statistics more than 80% of those resolutions center around health and nutrition. Encourage new habits...all year long.

12/4/23, 4:37 AM



When we take a moment to reflect, we often find new paths and options for our future. Share this with others.

11/17/23, 4:12 AM

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