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Goal Setting

Goals are meant to be accomplished. Read and watch! This short video helps you learn more about SMART goals. Set yourself up for success.

1/28/23, 3:59 AM


Mindful Eating

How can mindful eating help prevent individuals from overeating? Read the article to find out more and utilize the mindful eating journal to create a sense of awareness.

1/28/23, 3:50 AM


Meal Prep the Right Way

Wondering how to meal prep the right way? Confused about putting all the pieces together for healthy meals throughout the week? Read this article for tips on planning and preparing meals for a whole week. Download the infographic, save or share wi...

1/28/23, 3:38 AM


Feel Good Foods

Recent research has found there are factors we can control which affect our mood and feelings – from the inside-out. One of those factors is food. Learn more about food and mood!

1/28/23, 3:28 AM


The 100 Calorie Burn

Short on time? A few exercises targeting an easy 100 calorie burn. Click to learn more...

1/28/23, 3:15 AM


1 Week Exercise Plan

A great Exercise Plan for moderate intensity.

1/28/23, 3:10 AM


Eating Nutrient Dense Foods

What does it mean to be eating nutrient dense foods? And, why does it matter? Nutrient dense means... Read more here!

1/28/23, 3:02 AM


Shopping on a Budget

Faced with rising inflation, the importance of budget friendly grocery shopping is important. Review some money saving tips!

1/28/23, 2:36 AM


Vitamin D - When to test?

Vitamin D can be produced within the body, as well as obtained from diet. Read more about when to test vitamin D levels, and how to maintain adequate levels.

💡 Features: Sunshine Vitamin, UV Rays, Winter Blues, SAD, Supplement, Vitamin D Test

1/25/23, 7:37 PM


Macro Myths: Protein

Decipher between fact and fiction when it comes to the macronutrient of protein. Read more information on protein myths and share the digital handout to spread awareness.

💡 Features: Nutrients, Kidney, vegetarian, vegan, soy, proteins
🏷 Tags: D...

1/25/23, 7:35 PM

Fruit Shakes

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