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A great overview of what SoulFIRE Health can offer professionals and coaching programs. We value your efforts and want to be your go-to resource for education, awareness and promotion in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching.


We value your input! If you don't see something that you want or need, please Contact Us.   

Check out our Subscriptions. We offer many ways to access the Library. There is no one size fits all!


Content Pages Part 2

Forward any item in the Library, including attachments. It's easy to send to a client or coworker. ​SoulFIRE sends it with you as the Sender when you are logged in with at least a Basic Subscription.

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Let's chat about Collections!  Get pre-selected content based on condition, age-based or time of life nutrition content from the Library. A combination of Professional Toolkits and Consumer Journeys all found in the Premium Collections Subscription. With Toolkits and Journeys you get extras!  An easy to use dashboard for professional support and a links to place on any website.

Find these...

  • Healthy Kids

  • College

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Healthy Start (for Adults)

  • Mind Diet (Seniors)

  • Food & Mood

  • And...much more!



The content on SoulFIRE Health is intended to support the education and promotional efforts of professionals working in the field of Health, Nutrition, and Wellness.  It is solely your responsibility to review the information to determine quality for your purposes and appropriate use.



At SoulFIRE Health, there is a lot to take in!

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  • Key Word Search Bar

  • Filters by Condition, Age Groups, and more!

Each posting offers Action Icons. 

  • PDF, Infographics, Downloads

  • Slide Shows

  • About (Creator, Citations or References)

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You may choose from any of the following Subscriptions...

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  • Premium (GOLD)

  • Premium Collections (Collections)

  • Nancy Clark's Sports Collection 


Order NCES Companion Products

SoulFIRE Health values its relationship with NCES Catalog.  As a long-time, respected leader in Nutrition education materials and teaching tools, NCES Catalog has combined efforts with SoulFIRE Health to offer expanded choices in the marketplace. Find great education, client resources, and companion products. 

NOTE:  NCES is independent of SoulFIRE Health, so you must create an Account when ordering on the NCES Affiliate website.

Top selling items?

Glucose Wands, Portion Plates, Food Models and other Visuals.  

Oh, and check out the SoulFire Jackets!


Customer Service Statement

We hope you find the information on SoulFIRE Health to be immediately useful and supportive of your efforts in Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle coaching.  All of the Content on this site has been resourced from credible parties.  If you find any information in error or have further interest in resources and materials that you do not find on the website site, please contact us!

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