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Virtual Holiday Tips

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Don't be alone during the Holidays, even during while you or a loved one are sick. Use these great tips for a hosting a virtual holiday!

Virtual Holiday Tips


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That's right, you can still make the Holidays fun. Enjoy these great tips for a Virtual Holiday with family and friends. Today's technology offers the ability to bring anyone into the room!

1. Create a Calendar of Events. Even in the best of years, it's a challenge to get people together. Create the day's agenda and distribute it.

2. Choose the technology. Become the family pro at the myriad of options for others to connect in. If it's new to a friend or family member, do a trial run!

3. Choose a holiday e-vite platform. Make it festive. Choose a layout and personalized it.

4. Fun Reminders. Create the buzz by being the spark of excitement with reminders for the upcoming day.

5. Share festive attire. Get dressed for the event, and ask others to dress for it also! Where something outrageous, or get ready for the ball.

6. Photo share. Don't let the event go by without photos. Find fun ways to circulate and let others enjoy the event multiple times.

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