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How to Use Glucose Wands

Content by: Sarah Bigbee, RD

How and why you should use this fun visual tool for diabetes education with your clients.

How to Use Glucose Wands






What is a glucose wand?

A glucose wand is a teaching tool used to demonstrate what happens to blood vessels and cells in hyperglycemic episodes versus normoglycemic episodes. Our glucose wands are designed to show clients the importance of maintaining normal blood glucose levels. In the high glucose wands you can see the beads, which represent blood cells, moving slowly and sticking to one another. In the normoglycemic wands the beads are able to move quickly and unimpeded without getting stuck to one another. This tool will help your client visualize what is happening in their bloodstream when they are having a hyperglycemic episode.

How can these wands help when counseling clients?

With 65% of the population being categorized as visual learners there is a clear need for tools to teach clients with this learning style.These glucose wands enhance your practice especially for your clients with heart related comorbidities and/or poor wound healing. They strengthen your counseling through demonstrating how prolonged hyperglycemic episodes increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. You are able to show clients how plaque builds up when the blood vessels are damaged due to prolonged hyperglycemia. They also help your clients understand why poor blood glucose control can lead to poor wound healing especially in the areas of the body with small blood vessels. When these wands are used in conjunction with your counseling you are able to tap into multiple learning styles and help your clients achieve a true understanding of what is happening in their bodies. Utilize this tool after basic concepts of hyperglycemia and diabetes are established. The goal is not to scare our clients with the dangers of high blood glucose levels, but to help them understand why making lifestyle changes are important. This tool should be used as motivation to improve blood glucose levels long term.

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