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The Importance of Professional Support for Young Athletes

Content by: SoulFIRE Health

Sports nutrition is very important, especially for young athletes. Studies show that high school and college athletes need the help of a professional. Discover how you can extend your reach and support the nutrition needs of more young athletes!

The Importance of Professional Support for Young Athletes


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There has been an increased interest for professional support in collegiate athletics. A recent study showed that most college level athletes do not have adequate knowledge of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in a diet expected to serve their performance needs. As the article asserts, the lack of knowledge and support " accompanied by impaired athletic performance, fatigue, basal metabolic rate, mood, and higher visceral fat deposition as well as increased risk for dehydration, injury, and illness..."

Dietitians have a unique opportunity to serve the athletic community. And, habits begin at a young age. Notions of diet and performance require athletes, parents, coaches and other professionals (at the middle school, high school and college levels) to come together in a way that supports healthy eating habits and performance goals.

This presentation is your opportunity to make the pitch!


1. Describe the basic body changes of growing athletes
2. Identify core nutrition requirements
3. Share the basics of forming healthy habits for athletes
4 Describe how professional services and education tools can help coaches, parents and athletes


Professional Articles:
1. Nutrition Knowledge of Collegiate Athletes in the United States and the Impact of Sports Dietitians on Related Outcomes: A Narrative Review
2. Nutritional Risks among Adolescent Athletes with Disordered Eating

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