Score with Beverage Choices

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Need something to quench your thirst? Or, wanting a bit of a pick-me-up before your morning class? Calories add up, so keep score through out the day.

Score with Beverage Choices


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Life can really be fast-paced, and it often requires though to making great beverage choices throughout the day. Considering a soda, milk, fruit juices, coffee, latte or the tasty tea? Take your pick, but watch the calories!

Water is a Winner!
Whether from the tap or bottle, water is refreshing and is the number one thirst quencher. Make it your beverage of choice. Water is great for the body, inside and out!

Milk is a nutrition powerhouse.
Go for the low-fat or fat-free varieties. Fat-free chocolate milk has all the same nutrients and makes a tasty choice. Milk is a great, nutritious choice.

Drink the rainbow.
100% fruit or vegetable juices pack a nutritional punch. Get a great supply of Vitamin C, Vitamin A or more. Watch the label for added sugars!

Tasty Teas
Teas are great for a mid-day, attitude adjustment. Unsweetened green or black are great options. Try a variety to find the taste you crave.

Quick Tips!

The Sodas and Fountain Drinks are loaded.
* A 12-ounce can of regular soda contains 110+ calories.
* Fruit drinks are not the same as 100% fruit juice and often contain as many calories as soda.
* Labels may say “fruit”, but be sure to check for the percentage of juice.

Next Steps:

1. Ask for fat free milk instead of whole milk.
2. Remember whipped topping adds extra calories.
3. Ask for sugar-free flavoring and syrups.
4. Use the least amount of sugar possible or an artificial sweetener.

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