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Navigating the Farmers Market Experience

Content by: Sarah Bigbee, RD

Farmers Markets are a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Here are some great ideas, options and a resource to find one in any area of the country!

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Navigating the Farmers Market Experience


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There is nothing like fresh air. And, Spring is an especially invigorating time of year. It is hard not to notice the beauty of the world, as flowers begin to pop up and the sound of bees buzzing and birds singing fills the air.

The Farmers Market experience offers the opportunity to re-connect with fresh foods. Most offer locally grown produce, brought in from around the cities by farmers. Some even allow for visiting a location on-farm, where all can experience and connect with the food cycle.

Whether you are a long-time farmers market supporter or new to the movement, get help for a fresh food journey. Identify recipes for families to participate in the fun of selecting fresh and fixing a meal.

A common misconception is that using the farmers market to eat local and organic means you need to spend more money. If you receive SNAP benefits many farmers markets have a program called double up food bucks through public-private partnerships. This allows for SNAP benefits, up to a certain amount, to be doubled for the purchase of fresh fruits and veggies.

Quick Tips for Storage:
● To speed up ripening store fruits in brown paper bag.
● To extend the life of potatoes, onions, and root vegetables store in dark, dry, cool place.
● Do not store potatoes and onions next to each other; onions will quicken the ripening process of potatoes.
● Refrigerate citrus and apples for longer term storage, these fruits prefer cool, humid environments.

Some Tips for Market Day:

▪️ Wear comfortable shoes.
▪️ Take along a hat and sunglasses.
▪️ Don’t forget the sunscreen!
▪️ Follow local farmers on social media to learn about timing of special deals.
NOTE: Deals often change week to week with produce surplus, so stay connected!
▪️ Use our recipe finding app to find ways to enjoy fresh foods.
▪️ Develop a list, but stay flexible. There are often bonus goodies!
▪️ Make it a family affair!

Next Steps:

1️⃣ Use the SoulFIRE Health search tool

2️⃣ Use the Download attached for a breakdown of produce by the season!

3️⃣ Use the recipe finder app

4️⃣ For SNAP families, find a market in the area utilizing this program check out

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