Moving into Summer! Keeping kids active.

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Summer time requires parents to be creative and find ways to keep those kids moving...Read More!

Moving into Summer!  Keeping kids active.


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Share your day! Shared experiences lead to shared motivation and goals, which lead to opportunities to talk. Getting kids involved in any daily tasks makes a big difference in the family life. It takes time and attention in the task at hand, when you could just get it done quickly. But, it's amazing the confidence, skills, and can-do attitude that comes from completing daily chores or shared special projects.

Find time to play together. Busy lifestyles create a great deal of stress on families. Often, parents find it difficult to get their kids to just talk. Movement is a great way to break the ice.

Simple ideas to start playing together...
Try geocaching, letterboxing, or another form of treasure hunting.
Find a nature trail to hike.
Let healthy shopping begin in a Farmer's Market.
Build a project together, like a picnic table and an outdoor couch.
Attend a flea market to find your next project.
Go camping or fishing.
Start a back yard game.
Engage in sports.
Decide to move a rock or digging a hole in the yard!
Setup a tug of against all of them.
Let the artist come out! Sidewalk chalk, speed ladder or Hop Scotch,
Take a bike ride.
Make a backyard obstacle course.
Engage in Scout Badge or 4-H projects together.

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