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Dining Out with Diabetes

Content by: Erin (Nugent) Bern, RD

Be a part of normal activities with friends and family, even with diabetes! Follow these 5 easy tips to make dining out with diabetes an enjoyable experience.

Dining Out with Diabetes


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Dining out with diabetes can be intimidating, until the skills of making healthy, nutritious selections become more comfortable. Consider your options for an improved experience when dining out and making menu selections.

Download the handout for these 5 easy tips to make dining out with diabetes a stress free experience:

Plan ahead: read the menu online before you arrive
Skip the bread or chips on the table
Choose grilled, baked or steamed menu items
Avoid bbq, teriyaki, or glazed items as these sauces are loaded with added sugar
Substitute your side - choose vegetables or a side salad

Quick Tips!

1️⃣ Accept the challenge! Improve your knowledge of your condition.

2️⃣ Learn more about healthy food choices for diabetes.

3️⃣ Learn to make healthy menu selections.

Next Steps:

⬇️ Download the handout.

⏭️ Commit to a food journal and record your dining out choices.

🔢 Use more information in this Journey.

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