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Dining Out Guide For Kidney Patients

Content by: Jamie Rinaldi, RD, MS in Applied Physiology & Nutrition

Use these 10 tips for dining out with Kidney Disease, as an option in your coaching efforts. Help your clients address the challenges of navigating restaurant menus for self, friends or family members.

Dining Out Guide For Kidney Patients


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Dining out can be especially difficult for kidney patients. There are so many do's and don'ts for someone newly diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Stage of disease progression is always an important part of dietary discussions. Yet, we all know that food, family and friends are all an essential part of enjoying life. Making dining experiences enjoyable requires continued coaching, education, and quick tips that are easy to remember.

Quick Tips!

1️⃣ Review the individual's stage of disease progression.

2️⃣ Offer education and coaching on guidelines for food choices.

3️⃣ Empower your clients to review the menu ahead of time to avoid a stressful situation and be present at the meal.

Next Steps:

⬇️ Download the "Tips for Dining Out" infographic.

⏭️ Plus download or print the "Dining Out Recommendations" brochure.

🔢 Use the calculators offered by the Kidney Foundation.

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