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Diabetes Snack List

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Looking for ways to snack with diabetes? View this list of 10 Healthy, Low Carb Snacks for Diabetes.

Diabetes Snack List


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It starts with the grocery cart. Make diabetes easier by choosing the right snacks. Choose for color and variety.

Some ideas include:
🍢 Fruit and Cheese Kebabs
🥣 Greek Yogurt
🥑 Guacamole with whole grain chips
🥪 Small turkey sandwich
🧀 Cheese and crackers
🍿 Air popped popcorn
🍘 Rice cake with peanut butter
🥚 Hard boiled egg
🍎 Apple slices and almond butter
🥕 Vegetables and hummus

Quick Tips!

Make a fruit & cheese kabob! It's fun, but also offers a pre-measured, perfect snack.

Next Steps:

Download using the above ⬇️ to get the shopping list.

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