Breakfast: An Important Meal

Content by: Erin Nugent, RD

Breakfast is important each day! Review the benefits of breakfast and great ideas for the busy lifestyle.

Breakfast:  An Important Meal


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Learn why eating breakfast daily is so important! A healthy breakfast is critical for an on-the-go lifestyle. Learn tips on incorporating breakfast into your daily routine.

Review the Key Objectives of the slides:

⚪️ Benefits of Breakfast
⚪️ Focus on nutrients
⚪️ Identify healthy breakfast options
⚪️ Learn how to change behaviors
⚪️ Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of breakfast

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Why Breakfast?
🍎 Food is fuel: breakfast provides your body the fuel it needs to start the day
🔥 Kickstart your metabolism
😍 Maintain blood sugar levels
🤢 Curb cravings later in the day
🌈 Improve your mood and ability to concentrate
🏃🏻Sets up your day for other healthy behaviors

What makes a healthy breakfast...
1. Avoid added sugars
2. Contain healthy fats
3. High in fiber
4. Lean protein source

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