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Athletes: Post-Exercise Recovery Tips

Content by: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Recovery is an important part of rigorous exercise. Take a look at these 7 quick tips...

Athletes:  Post-Exercise Recovery Tips


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It's important to understand the recovery process in rigorous exercise is just as important at preparation. Take note of these 7 recommended steps.

1️⃣ Refuel your muscles. Take nutrition and hydration steps within 30 to 60 minutes after exercise to recover quickly and get ready for the next exercise session.

2️⃣ Choose more carbohydrates than protein! Carbs refuel depleted muscle glycogen. Protein repairs damaged muscle.

3️⃣ Drink enough fluid to quench your thirst, and then drink some more!

4️⃣ If you crave salt, sprinkle some on your food.

5️⃣ Chocolate milk and 100% fruit juice are better post-exercise choices than a sports drink.

6️⃣ Every day of the week, eat meals that focus on carbs (pasta, rice, bread, corn) and include a side of protein.

7️⃣ Take rest days with no exercise. Your muscles need 24 to 48 hours without exercise to fully refuel.

Great Tips!
For recovery, chocolate milk and 100% fruit juice are better post-exercise choices than a sports drink.

Next Steps:
Within 30 - 60 minutes after rigorous exercise, take nutrition and hydration steps.

Here are some great carb and protein suggestions!
Chocolate milk
Peanut butter & banana sandwich
Spaghetti with meatballs.

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