Activate a Healthier You

Content by: NCES, Inc and SoulFIRE Health

A great slide presentation in coaching healthy nutrition behaviors!

Activate a Healthier You


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Educate and promote the importance of physical activity. Instruct ways to incorporate exercise into their daily lives.

The attached slide presentation aims to meet the following are objectives:

🏌🏾‍♂️ Understand the importance of physical activity
📆 Understand the physical activity required each week
🔟 Know your numbers
🗓 Plan physical activity into your day/week
🧘🏽‍♀️ Methods for calculating energy balance
✅ Track your physical activity
🍎 Manage your diet

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Wanting to add physical activity into your routine? At first this can seem like an overwhelming task. But keep in mind, you aren't training to be a professional athlete, or competitive body builder. It is okay to start slow and work your way up. Learn more about what it takes to create an active lifestyle by reading the article down below, and watching this brief video.

Getting Active

Wanting to jumpstart your workout routine? Wondering where to start? Watch this informative video about how to fit workouts into your fast paced college lifestyle. It will go over getting started with low intensity workouts, squeezing in a quick HIIT workout, and making the most of your fitness center. Get up, get out and get gains!

Campus Workouts Made Simple

Download this cheat to keep on your phone or print a hard copy to keep in your wallet/purse every time you run to the grocery store. This list of nutrition terms will help you to read food labels like a pro!

Nutrition Terms Cheat Sheet