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Vendible Super Snacks

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Sometimes hunger strikes at the most inconvenient times. And whether you are stuck on campus, having a late night at the office, or just simply forgot to pack a lunch - the vending machine might be your only salvation. Use these tips to choose items that will provide an energy boost without going overboard on calories or unwanted saturated fats.

Vendible Super Snacks


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Vending Machine Quick Tips:
- Try to pair a vending machine snack with something fresh! Adding a fruit or vegetable to your snack provides important nutrients and fiber.

- Look for a protein source for energy that will last
🥜 Nuts or nut butter
🔹 Beef/turkey jerky
🔹 Cheese stick
🥛 Milk or yogurt

- Choose baked over fried for less saturated fat
🔹 Baked chips
🥨 Pretzels
🔹 Crackers

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