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Spring Produce

Content by: Erin Nugent, RD

Eat for the Seasons! Know what to look for in fresh produce, by understanding what's in season. Spring is a great time to set the refresh button on your eating habits and your lifestyle choices.

Spring Produce


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Shopping at a local farmers market offers lots of benefits. Get outside, get moving, and get your daily dose of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin)! Support local farmers and other small businesses. Shopping local allows you to choose fresh items that are in season. Buying produce in season often offers better prices and optimal flavor.

Eating fresh is a commitment and takes a little pre-planning, but it's worth it. Review and share this handy download.

Quick Tips!

1. Plan for seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables.
2. Look for Farmer's Markets to find recently picked produce.
3. Look for recipes that bring out the natural flavors.
4. Consider fresh flowers at the Farmer's Market to properly dress the family's table!

Did you know?

You can find a Farmer's Market near you and many great Recipes in SoulFIRE Health Apps!

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