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How To Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

Content by: Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD

Did you know, it's more important that you add carbohydrates to "bulk up"? Learn more...

How To Gain Weight in a Healthy Way


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Often, athletes set the goal to "bulk up" to improve performance. There is a tendency to believe it is about consuming more protein. Although protein is important, you also need the additional carbohydrates to fuel your workouts that build muscle.

5 Quick Tips:
• Eat more! Enjoy an extra snack and double portions at meals.

• For fluid, drink juice or milk instead of plain water.

• Build muscle with extra exercise, not extra protein. To have the energy to do the muscle-building exercises, eat carbohydrate-rich fruit, juice, bread, cereal, pasta and other starchy food at each meal.

• Choose heart-healthy, calorie-dense foods, such as peanut butter, other nut butters, nuts, avocado, olive oil and salad dressings made with olive oil.

• If you don’t feel hungry, think of the food as your weight gain medicine that you need to eat to reach your goal.

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