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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Sarah Bigbee, RDN

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the grocery store! Individuals and families are finding it more challenging to maintain a healthy diet and meal plan on a budget. You can offer your clients suggestions and ideas that are easy and practical. Take the guesswork out of weekly shopping and meal preparation.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget


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Offer your clients fun and easy ideas for eating healthy while sticking to a budget. Planning in advance of hitting the aisles saves money! Offer the presentation as part of coaching, lunch and learn or more. These sample meals and leftover ideas can stretch the grocery budget, ensure healthy eating and manage food waste.

Next Steps:
1. Download or send the links.
2. Use in coaching or consider a Lunch & Learn for your community.
3. Find great companion products with our partners.

Bonus! Use the Grocery List download as a way to get them started on grocery items and meals your clients will love to eat.

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