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Benefits of Stretching

Content by: Lee Agbohlah, BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science

A consistent stretch routine is vital to increase flexibility and decrease the risk for injury. Learn more about dynamic and static stretches.

Benefits of Stretching


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Stretching is an important step to increasing your flexibility. Flexibility plays an important part in functional movement, and lack of flexibility can increase your risk for injury.

Over time your flexibility will decrease, so it's important to have a consistent stretching routine. A consistent stretching routine takes no more than 5-10 mins each day. Consistent stretching has shown to improve flexibility, significantly.

What is Dynamic Stretching? Dynamic stretching increases your range of motion with active movements. Dynamic stretching is the preferred stretching to warm-up your muscles for workouts and athletic movements.

What is Static Stretching? Static stretching increases range of motion through a static hold.
Static stretching is generally used to improve overall flexibility and after workouts to help with soreness.

Take a few extra moments to stretch, increase flexibility and decrease risk for injury. Start your day with stretching, and make it a habit before exercising.

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