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Holiday Season Tips

Content by: Erin (Nugent) Bern, RD

Follow a few of these holiday party tricks to help you build your plate and navigate the buffet table or the drink station without regrets. Tips for individuals watching what they eat, for someone with diabetes or managing high blood pressure!

💡 Features: Building a Holiday Plate, Healthy Holiday Recipes
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Holiday Season Tips





The Holiday Season is full of parties and fun social gatherings. These parties often include lots of snacks, drinks and desserts. Tap through the fun slideshow to walk through the process of building a healthy holiday plate. BONUS! Easy to Download, Fun Festive Recipes too.

Whether you are hosting or attending a holiday party, volunteer to bring or make at least one dish. That way you can be in control of at least one item available and you will know all of the ingredients.

🍽 Here are a few healthy swaps to increase the nutrient value of some of your favorite holiday dishes:

* Use low-sodium broth in your mashed potatoes for additional flavor and to use less butter or margarine.
* In dessert recipes you can swap oil or butter for pumpkin puree.
* In dips or dressings try using plain greek yogurt in place of mayo or sour cream.
* When seasoning party food, try using spices and herbs in place of salt.

🥂 Tips for the drink station!

* Hydrate! Whether you are planning to indulge in a legal alcoholic beverage or not, drinking water is always a good idea when you are at a party. It's easy to forget to hydrate while socializing and/or dancing the night away.
* If consuming a legal beverage, choose one with a sugar free mixer. And alternate with water between drinks.
* Wanting to feel festive without the hangover? Try a seasonal mocktail!
* If choosing to drink, always have a plan for a ride home. Either designate a driver or call for a ride.

🍲 When preparing to attend a holiday party, keep a few things in mind to get yourself in a healthy mindset before you see all of those delicious treats.

* Consider eating a light meal before you arrive so you aren’t tempted to over indulge at the buffet table.
* You do not need to “save your calories” for that one meal. Trying to overcompensate in one meal may have you spending the rest of the party in pain, rather than enjoying the company.
* Savor the foods you truly enjoy, and pass on the items that aren’t “worth it” to you. You don’t have to put anything on your plate just to be polite.
* Don’t force yourself to eat dessert if you are too full! If there is something you didn’t get to try, simply ask the cook for the recipe so you can make it at a later time.
* Don’t beat yourself up for indulging in something seasonal. If you only get the chance to enjoy a secret family recipe one time each year, allow yourself to eat it without regret!

Remember: One day of eating does not make or break your health. Just re-commit to your routine with the new day.

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