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Feeling Better about YOUR Body

Content by: NCES, Inc.

In the current weight-obsessed atmosphere, it may not be easy for you to appreciate your body shape and size. Are you over-weight, or just perfect for your genetics? Read More!

Feeling Better about YOUR Body





If your body does not conform to the media and entertainment industries ‘beauty’ standard of thinness, then the task is daunting. But there are practical reasons why it is worth the struggle to change your self-image.

Feeling better about your body today, even though you may desire to lose weight, will actually help you achieve better nutrition, exercise habits and perhaps lead to a slow, natural weight loss. Although accepting your body may be a challenge, look at whether self-criticism has helped you achieve your health and weight goals. If it has only led to short-lived successes followed by depression and guilt as the weight came back on, then consider a new way to address these issues.

Subscribing to body-friendly magazines that are age and lifecycle appropriate can make a difference. Research shows that women who read fashion magazines feel worse about their bodies! There are several steps for improving self-acceptance of who you are and your unique physical qualities.

Throw away the scale. Weighing yourself regularly reinforces body dislike. Focus on better nutrition and healthy activity as your goals. As you achieve these, you will feel better and have an improved outlook.

Use the “Self-Talk Journal” for a few days to learn the power of being kind to yourself. A "Self-Talk" Journal can assist you in identifying self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. Make your self-image broader than just your physical self. A healthy self-esteem gives equal “weight” to intellect, personality, emotional, spiritual and physical self.

Work within the realities of your genetics. Your genetics play the largest role in what weight range your body maintains. Only continual deprivation and obsession will maintain a thinner body than your genetics offer. Is it worth it?

Fill your closets with beautiful, comfortable clothes that fit today. Pack up and hide, or give away the clothes that don’t fit or sell them at a resale shop. Buy clothes catalogues showing realistic-sized people which offers sport clothing for active, larger women, and surround yourself with people who appreciate themselves regardless of their size or shape.

Think of what the wonder that your body can do for you. It can walk, carry you up the stairs, lift objects, show and receive affection, give you sensual pleasure and lots more! People who value their body’s functionality have a better self-image.

Invest in yourself, not in the diet industry! Buy jewelry and accessories, get a massage, a new haircut, or enroll in a fun class. Build a size-accepting environment.

Quick Tips!
Create a new mental image through a "Self-talk" Journal.

Next Steps:
1. Subscribe to Body-friendly magazines
2. Throw away the scales
3. Understand your genetics
4. Fill the closets with beautiful clothes...that fit!
5. Value the functional natures of your body
6. Invest in yourself.

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