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Diabetes Food Journal

Content by: Sarah Bigbee, RD

A helpful tool designed to monitor food choices and create self awareness. Including Daily Logs, Weekly Plans, Monthly Calendar, and More...

Diabetes Food Journal





A food journal is an amazing tool for building the relationship between client and educator. It is a way for the educator to learn a lot about the client's daily habits, as well as their daily food choices. Being responsible for recording these food choices also creates a sense of self awareness for the client. It can also be a great way to track progress. Watch how the journal changes over the course of your time together.

Quick Tips!

1️⃣ Use all 4 pages or just 1. Whatever you are comfortable with, and whatever is the most helpful.

2️⃣ Set a SMART goal for the number of days you would like the client to journal before the next meeting.

3️⃣ Ask your client to send you the journal ahead of time so you can review the results, and then have some conversation topics in mind for your next meeting.

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