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A Healthy School Lunch Tray

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Encourage kids to consider what's on their lunch tray! Know the value of each space...

A Healthy School Lunch Tray





A Healthy School Lunch Tray helps kids visualize their choices by food group. Take the time to teach, encourage and celebrate making lunch healthy everyday. Hang it on the refrigerator or send it in their backpack? Either way, use it to chat about what was on the tray today.

Quick Tips!

🌾 Grains: Provide energy and healthy digestion.
🍗 Proteins: Build healthy muscles.
🐄 Dairy: Supports strong teeth and bones.
🍎 Fruits: Boosts the immune system.
🥕 Vegetables: Supports healthy skin and eyes.

Next Steps...
1. Make half of your grains, whole grains.
2. Make proteins 1 to 3 oz servings.
3. Choose skim or 1% dairy products.
4. Make half your plate fruits.
5. Darker veges generally have more nutrients.

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