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8 Steps to Healthy Business Travel

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Traveling for business can be challenging with extended hours on a plane, hectic agendas and long meetings with colleagues. You barely have time to sleep, let alone think about how you will find healthy foods to eat!

8 Steps to Healthy Business Travel





Don't stress about it! There are some steps you can take to eat right while you’re away. Just an extra few minutes to adequately prepare for your trip and making wise choices, you can fuel your body and get the energy you need to power through your busy days.

STEP 1: Pack snacks for while you’re en route for your destination. Popcorn, pretzels, chopped vegetables and fruits, nutrition bars, granola and trail mix can be snacks for your flights and airport layovers. They also serve as a quick breakfast on-the-go.

STEP 2: Choose deli-style meals when you are stuck eating at the airport. Customize your own sandwich with lean meats, vegetables and whole grain breads, choose broth-based soups and select salads with vinegar and olive oil.

STEP 3: Skip the pastry and donut platter at meetings and conferences. Choose fresh fruit, if it is available. Consider bringing your own nutrition bar or trail mix, or pick up a whole grain bagel with nut butter if a bakery is close.

STEP 4: Drink coffee, tea, water or sparkling water during meetings instead of high-sugar, high-calorie or artificially sweetened, soft drinks and fruit drinks.

STEP 5: Choose sandwiches, wraps and salads with dressing on the side when ordering lunch. Select those varieties with lots of fresh vegetables and whole grain breads. Ask if sides such as fruit salad or pasta salad are available, instead of chips.

STEP 6: Limit your number of high-calorie alcoholic beverages, if you meet for cocktails after the work day. Watch out of drinks with high-sugar additions such as margaritas and cocktails with fruit juices or soft drinks. Choose drinks with club soda or on the rocks. Maybe even a glass of wine?

STEP 7: Pay attention to any mindless eating of snacks throughout the day, such as pretzels and chips set out at meetings, candy from the jar on someone’s desk or nuts at the bar during cocktail hour. Carry fruit or a nutrition bar to curb your appetite.

STEP 8: Select simply prepared appetizers and entrees for dinner that provide lean protein and fresh produce. Choose a simple Caprese salad as an appetizer. Consider salmon, lean beef, chicken or vegetarian options without heavy cream sauces as an entree. Try a baked potato or sautéed vegetables as your side. A wood-fired pizza with vegetables is another healthy option. Split large entrees with coworkers or request a half order.

Quick Tips!
1. Liquid calories throughout the day really add up!
2. You can save hundreds of calories throughout your day by sipping on a non-calorie drink, such as sparkling water.
3. Don't forget your activity tracker, for balancing calories with steps!

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