Pandemic: Prepare a Plan, Lesson 2

Content by: NCES, Inc.

All of our lives have changed dramatically. Whether young, old, vulnerable or healthy, a Stay-in-Place order wreaks havoc on our routines and challenges our behaviors.

Pandemic:  Prepare a Plan, Lesson 2


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Your clients look to you to support, encourage and coach! This is an opportunity to get your clients to think differently.

Encourage patients and clients to use this time to make their health a priority. Many may have more time on their hands than normal and can take conscious changes to their daily health habits.

1. Help your clients make SMART Goals.
2. Create check-ins to help clients maintain their SMART Goals.
3. Utilize educational materials and reliable information sources.
4. Keep close contact, consistent communication.
5. Offer to forward materials.

Quick Tips:
- Specific
- Measurable
- Attainable
- Relevant
- Time-based

Next Steps:
Find resources to help you with client plans! Examples you will find here...
- Reinventing the Menu, More is Less
- Exercise is Essential
- Cool Kids, Activity Bone Builder
- NCES Food n Fitness, The Kid Connection

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