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High Intensity vs. Low Intensity Workouts

Content by: Lee Agbohlah, Kinesiology and Exercise Science

High-intensity or Low-intensity? It's important to understand how the intensity of your workouts affects the results you want. Explore what is best for you. Learn the difference between these two types of exercises, and some potential benefits for each.

High Intensity vs. Low Intensity Workouts


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You are probably wondering how hard you should be working out to meet your goals. It can be difficult to understand the intensity of your workout when the internet is saturated with workout tips and tricks.

It's important to understand how the intensity of your workouts affects the results you want. What type of intensity will be best for you? High-intensity or Low-intensity!

Use the infographic to guide your next workout!

✦ On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest intensity, workouts below 5 would be considered low intensity and workouts higher than 7 would be considered high intensity.

✦ This scale of intensity would work the same for workouts that are focused on cardio, or resistance training.

✔️ Your fitness level and previous experience could determine the intensity of the exercises within your workout. It is always best to be honest with yourself when judging the intensity of your workouts in order to achieve your goals.

✦ Ask yourself,
“How would you rate your experience level with working out?”
“Or your current level of fitness?”

✔️ It's important to consider any previous injuries as well when you prescribe the intensity to your workouts.

Consider the different advantages of the intensity level of your workouts...

✦ Low-intensity workouts have less chance for injury, help to build your base level and are more sustainable for longer durations.

✦ High-intensity workouts can increase your performance at higher levels, can be shorter than low-intensity for more efficient workouts, plus make for a competitive challenge!
You determine the intensity that fits you and your schedule best.

✔️ Remember you can enjoy both levels of intensity in your workouts. You can also switch it up when you start to feel yourself getting bored. There will always be advantages to each intensity and both can help you reach your goals.

✔️ Enjoy your workouts with the attitude to get better no matter the intensity.

✔️ Results come with consistency.

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