Healthy Habits: Exercise Post Pandemic

Content by: Lee Agbohlah, Kinesiology and Exercise Science

As communities enter the post-Pandemic era, it's important to get back into a normal routine of exercise. Take a look at simple recommendations.

Healthy Habits:  Exercise Post Pandemic


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It's easy to get busy and make excuses. Take a look at a few things to help to become mindful in having an active lifestyle.

Download the attached Infographic for a quick reminder of your routine!

Schedule your workouts!

● Set daily reminders in your calendar with at least 3 alerts so you don’t forget.
● Schedule your workouts at time slots you can make without having to cancel.
● Adapt your schedule when needed with scheduling changes in your life.
● Consistency will happen over time when you prioritize workouts in your schedule.

Organize Workout logs.

● Organize workouts in an app or a spreadsheets to easily have them accessible.
● Set workouts in the correct order to maximize results.
● Keep track of your progress with proper recording.
● Evaluate your workouts to stay aware of your goals.

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