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Fun Mindset Exercise Tips

Content by: Lee Agbohlah, BS of Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Commit, make it fun and make it a priority! Click to try this attached download and learn more!

Fun Mindset Exercise Tips


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Take a moment to make exercise a priority.

Tip 1: Schedule your workouts.
- Schedule your workout like it’s an important meeting for work or a doctor's appointment!
-Train your mind to prioritize your workouts.
- Set daily reminders in your calendar. Remember to set alerts!
- Schedule your workouts at times that are convenient.
- Adapt your schedule, when needed.
- Consistency happens over time!

Tip 2: Organize workout logs
- How productive are you at work without having systems in place?
- Monitor fitness productivity! You need to have records to keep you on track.
- Organize workouts in an App, or a simple spreadsheet.
- Set workouts in the correct order to maximize results.
- Keep track of your progress with proper recording. Evaluate your workouts to stay on top of your goals.

Tip 3: Write out your goals.
- Life can be a roller coaster with the ups and downs throughout a year! It’s easy to fall off when you lose focus.
- How powerful are your actions when you feel motivated? Imagine how driven you will be when you see your goals everyday?
- Establish a routine of writing your goals out everyday. Store your goals in clear view for a daily reminder.
- Set goals that align with your vision .
- Read your goals before you go to sleep!

Tip 4: Read to invest in your personal development.
- Investing in your mind will have a better ROI than any retirement fund! It will elevate all areas of your life.
- Imagine what reading 10 pages a day of a self-help book will do for your mindfulness of your health?
- 10 pages a day is nearly 4,000 pages in a year!
- Train your mind to be aware of your health.
- Establish the habit of reading to build the habit of being active. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

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