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Food & Mood: Are they connected?

Content by: NCES, Inc and SoulFIRE Health

Learn more about how your diet effects your mood. A great presentation for Workplace Wellness or other adult discussions.

Food & Mood:  Are they connected?


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Learn how the different foods can have a negative or positive impact on mood. The following Objectives are covered in this slide presentation:

● Understand how food affects Mood and Energy Levels
● The role of essential Vitamins
● The role of Vitamin D
● The impact of fats, starches and sugars
● Understanding sugar and caffeine
● Understanding the impact of the gut
● Understand Immune Boosters
● Identify foods that create a “Vibe” for mood and energy


When we take a moment to reflect, we often find new paths and options for our future. Share this with others.


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