Daily Blood Sugar Log

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This basic daily blood glucose log helps people learn how to control diabetes...

Daily Blood Sugar Log


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Nothing teaches like experience. Diabetes requires new eating habits, and this pocket-size log encourages people to record 4 weeks of blood glucose data. Includes a comment section for daily notes to share with dietitians or other health professionals. The log provides a good record keeping tool to share information with health professionals.

Quick Tips!
This 4 week exercise helps diabetics learns what works and what doesn't!
Success with diabetes includes:
1. Choosing the right foods
2. Timing of meals and snacks
3. Managing portion size

Quick Tips!
This 4 week exercise helps diabetics learns what works and what doesn't:
1. Eat well-balanced portions of meals and snacks.
2. Take the blood sugar test, either as a portable device
3. With it down.
4. Review weekly with a dietitian or health professional.

Recently Diagnosed with Diabetes? Blood glucose management requires awareness and consistent monitoring. Follow these tips for successful Diabetes management.

Tips for Managing Blood Glucose Levels

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