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Snack Tips for Kids

Content by: NCES, Inc.

Snacks can be part of nutritious diet! Helping children to develop healthy snacking habits early in life is a skill they can continue to use through adulthood. Use some tips and tricks from these fun downloads to educate kids on how to utilize snacks to their advantage!

Snack Tips for Kids





Snack time can be fun for kids, but developing healthy snack habits is important.
Follow these tips for Snack time:

1. Have a scheduled snack time during the day - constant grazing can lead to poor weight gain and inadequate nutrient intake at meal time.
2. Keep portion sizes in check - snacks are meant to be a source of additional nutrients and energy, not replace a whole meal.

3. Add a source of fiber - this will keep little bellies full until the next meal.
- Good sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
4. Remember that beverages with calories should count as a food - milk and juice contain beneficial nutrients but should be offered in moderation.
- Appropriate portion sizes for children 1yr +: milk 16oz/day, 100% juice 4oz/day.

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