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Reducing Added Sugars in the Diet

Content by: Erin (Nugent) Bern, RD

Excessive sugar intake is linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, cavities, obesity and insulin resistance. Read More!

Reducing Added Sugars in the Diet





A great brochure download for Reducing Added Sugars!

In the Kitchen, try the following:
1. Reduce or replace sugar in recipes.
2. Cook with fresh ingredients, whenever possible.
3. Experiment with spices to enhance flavor.
4. Try baking from scratch.

In the Grocery store:
1. Read Food labels. “Added sugar” now has its own line on a food label. Choose items with 10g or less.
2. Buy fresh! Packaged foods tend to be higher in sweeteners and preservatives.
3. Avoid pre-prepared baked goods. Control your own ingredients by cooking at home.
4. Stop purchasing sweetened beverages!

At the table:
1. Sweeten your food or drinks with real fruit!
2. Change the way you think about dessert. Instead of a sweet treat, try having a cup of flavored hot tea as a palate cleanser.
3. Gradually cut back on the sugar added to coffee or tea, until you no longer want or need it.
4. Stop putting sugar in convenient places, Out of sight out of mind.
5. Drink water with meals and snacks. Add a few slices of fruit for a little flavor!

Great Tip!

When reading food labels, choose items that have 10g or less of sugar.

Did you know? 1 gram of sugar is approximately 4 calories! It is estimated that the Average American consumes 92g of added sugars (or 22 tsp) EACH DAY!

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