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Pandemic: Changing My Practice, Lesson 1 for Professionals

If there is a silver lining with broadscale Stay-in-Place Orders is everyone wants to get in the technology game. You no longer have to fight your patients and clients on using the technology, you just have to find your own comfort with it.

Pandemic:  Changing My Practice, Lesson 1 for Professionals





Here are a few quick steps and links in adopting new ways of offering your services. This first primer is about Identifying your Technology Comfort Zone.

You don’t have to go for the gusto and adopt a lot of technology. There are many great tools out there, you just have to figure out which ones work for you. There a few simple questions that always determine of what technologies you choose.

SCALE. How many people are you trying to reach? If you can remember everyone in your head, then that often defines the technology. Remember, working from your own home office is difficult, and just like your clients, having a repeatable and reliable system for managing your day is important.

TARGET MARKET. We are quickly becoming a society defined by the “haves” and the “have nots”. This used to be about money, but it is now about Technology Proficiency. Consider those you are targeting and determine what will capture their attention and make you the one they make time for in their day.

TEXT MESSAGING and EMAILS. Make connections a priority. Gather your client cell numbers and emails and begin laying out Touch Points in the relationship with each of your clients.

CALENDAR. Determine how you will define your day, what time slots you will offer. Review your open times and manage accordingly.

F2F (Face-to-Face) can still be an option, but you must consider alternative ways to engage. ZOOM has become a favorite and is incredibly easy. Yes, it’s true, there is a FREE version. Equally, however, most people have become comfortable with their smart phone and Video Calls.

TELEHEALTH FOR NUTRITION. There are companies that are specializing in a complete solution, including scheduling with clients, tracking your time, documenting and billing through credit cards. The NCES Digital Team researched one of those solutions and found it quite simple and useful. Check out Healthie and use our Discount Code.

Quick Tips!
KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t forget the power of a simple phone call. Yes, other technologies may be highly personalized and offer improved methods of collaboration, but the telephone is still a great tool for connecting.

Next Steps:
1. Organize your Client List and Open Calendar Dates
2. Prepare a communication by method (SMS, email, phone call, etc)
3. Specifically create a "ASK", for which you'd like your client to respond
4. Prepare each day, as if you were going into the office

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