Dining Out with Diabetes

Content by: Erin Nugent, RD

Encourage normal activities with friends and families, even with Diabetes! Follow these 5 easy tips to make dining out with Diabetes an enjoyable experience.

Dining Out with Diabetes






Dining out with Diabetes can be intimidating, until the skills of making healthy, nutritious selections become more comfortable. Help your clients consider options and have improved experiences when navigating menu selections. Download this handout for 5 easy tips to make dining out with Diabetes a stress free experience.

Quick Tips!

1️⃣ Review the individual's stage of disease progression.

2️⃣ Offer education and coaching on guidelines for food choices.

3️⃣ Translate those food choices into ways to manage dining out.

Next Steps:

⬇️ Download the infographic to handout to clients or share it directly via email.

⏭️ Encourage clients to utilize a food journal in order to record their dining out choices, and review them later.

🔢 Introduce the Diabetes Journey, for self exploration.