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Dining Out Tips: Keeping Sodium in Check

Content by: Erin (Nugent) Bern, RD

Dining out can be a real challenge when attempting to manage sodium intake. Follow these 4 quick tips to keep salt intake to a minimum when dining out.

Dining Out Tips: Keeping Sodium in Check





Restaurant food is inherently high in sodium. Chefs deliberately add extra salt to give their dishes more flavor. Do your best to be mindful of this when choosing to dine out. Control sodium where you can! You have more control with foods you purchase and prepare yourself. On occasions when you choose to dine out, be mindful of sodium consumed at all other meals that day.

Quick Tips:

▪️ Ask for your food to be prepared without salt.

▪️ Go for baked or grilled over fried.

▪️ Request sauces, dressings and condiments on the side.

▪️ Swap your side.

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