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Weight Management Checklist for Professionals

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is key in treating and preventing chronic diseases. For many individuals, weight management is perceived as an unattainable goal. Read More!

10/26/21, 2:29 AM

Breaking Down the Dietary Guidelines, 2020-2025

The new Dietary Guidelines are now available, and there is certainly a lot there to digest. Use this presentation to support efforts to simplify for others.

10/26/21, 1:39 AM

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is critical in a variety of ways and many people struggle in winter months...LEARN MORE!

10/24/21, 5:02 PM

The Basics on Gestational Diabetes

It is estimated that 6-9% of women develop Gestational Diabetes. An alarming statistic is the 56% increase in recent years...

10/24/21, 5:01 PM

Kidney Disease: The Basics

Whether the impaired kidney function is acute or chronic, some steps are necessary to prevent permanent damage. Download this informative handout to promote kidney health.

10/24/21, 5:00 PM

Nutrition for Active Teens: Tips for Powerful Performance

Wondering how to fuel your body for the big game? Read about healthy eating habits for game day, so you can power up your performance...

10/21/21, 11:35 PM

Nutrition for Active Teens: Winning Nutrition

Macronutrients are important. Learn about how each one affects your body, and how to choose the best foods from each category. Learn More...

10/21/21, 11:35 PM

Nutrition for Active Teens: Supplements

Are supplements helping your game or just a bunch of hype? Read on to find out...

10/21/21, 11:35 PM

Nutrition for Active Teens: Professional Resource

Working with active teens can be complicated. Navigating a complex social circle, growing bodies and a continual battle with self confidence would be tough on any athlete. Set them up for success by giving them the tools they need to be active and...

10/21/21, 11:34 PM

Nutrition for Active Teens: Fluid Goals

Want to feel better & play better? Drink up! Being dehydrated can affect your performance. Learn More...

10/21/21, 11:34 PM

Fruit Shakes

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