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Below are 6 classroom exercises.

Give the single in each collection a try!


Food n' Fitness Kid Connection: Delicious Dairy, Single Activity

Drinking Milk

We are all born with a limited amount of calcium in our bones. No other time in your life can you add as much strength to your bones as you can now, as a child. Enjoy this great classroom activity!

Food n' Fitness Kid Connection:  Fantastic Fruit, Single Activity

Yogurt with Fruit


Fruits provide the body with essential nutrients.  A fun activity for classroom experience.

Food n' Fitness Kid Connection:  Powerful Proteins, Single Activity

Grilling Meat


Power Proteins are an essential part of our daily diet.  Enjoy this fun activity for the classroom experience...

Food n' Fitness Kid Connection:  Smart Snacking, Single Activity

Image by Georgia Vagim



Smart Snacking is a life skill. Try this fantastic classroom activity...

Food n' Fitness Kid Connection:  Vibrant Veggie, Single Activity

Organic Vegetables


We should eat vegetables every day! They come in a rainbow of different colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue/purple, and white. A fun classroom activity for kids...

Food n' Fitness Kid Connection: Great Grains, Single Activity

Stalks of Wheat


Food n' Fitness Kid Connection is a comprehensive Lesson Plan for kids of all ages...