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Staying Active in the Winter Months

Content by: Lee Agbohlah, Kinesiology and Exercise Science

When the temperature drops and the sun sets earlier, it can be hard to feel motivated and stay active. It's no surprise that during the winter months activity drops significantly and depression increases. Learn how to keep the fire burning within you!

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Staying Active in the Winter Months


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📋 It starts with setting Goals!
Setting your goals is very important going into the winter months. You may not be shooting for your summer body, but you are looking to stay healthy and fit. Set clear goals with a specific outcome that is desirable to your overall vision. Without an end goal in mind, it will be hard to keep that fire burning within you.

🧘🏽 Shift your exercise to indoor activities.
Depending on where you live, being outdoors at all during the winter may be out of the question. Finding enjoyment in indoor activities will help you stay active. Consider a gym membership to give you access to equipment, classes and recreational activities. If a gym isn't suitable for you, working out at home with little to no equipment can still give you the desired results you'd like to achieve.

⛹️ Look for activities that keep you moving.
There are non-exercise activities that can keep you active during the winter. Shoveling snow will feel like a workout and keep your heart rate up. Doing more cleaning around the house, or DIY projects are excellent ways to keep you moving. Shopping at indoor stores and malls will get you more steps than online shopping from your couch.

📱 Manage calories.
If winter weight gain is a concern, be aware of other activities that aren't related to exercise in those cold months. Reading more books instead of watching TV will keep your mind focused on growth in many aspects of your life. Try getting less takeout and work on your cooking skills to create healthy meals. Be mindful of snacking, and reach for healthy items when you feel the urge.

🛋️ No excuses!
Your health shouldn't take a backseat at any time of the year. No matter the season, ditch those excuses and get moving! Find the activities you enjoy to keep you active. Your perspective is everything when building consistent health habits. The winter can be a time to reset and change your way of thinking about your health.

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