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Pregnancy and Your Changing Body

Content by: NCES, Inc.

If my baby is only going to weigh 7- 8 pounds, where does all that weight go?

Pregnancy and Your Changing Body


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As you can see below, most of the weight gained during pregnancy goes to helping your baby grow!

Breaking it down:
Blood Volume = 3-4 pounds
Fluid = 3-6 pounds
Uterus = 2 pounds
Breasts = 1 pound
Body Stores = 4-8 pounds
Baby = 7-8 pounds
Placenta & Umbilical Cord = 2 pounds
Amniotic Fluid = 2 pounds

Calorie and weight gain recommendations are unique for every pregnancy and depend on a number of factors. All pregnant women should eat a variety of nutrient dense foods every day. A vitamin and mineral supplement may be necessary, if recommended by a doctor.

Weight gain recommendations are based on the pre-pregnancy BMI. BMI categories are broken down as follows:

Underweight: less than 18.5
Normal: 18.5-24.9
Overweight: 25-29.9
Obese: 30.0 and greater

Pregnancy Weight Gain Recommendations:

Underweight: 28-40 lbs
Normal: 25-35 lbs
Overweight: 15-24 lbs
Obese: 11-20 lbs

NOTE: Weight gain recommendations increase in pregnancies with multiples.

Quick Tips!

#1 In order to facilitate a healthy weight gain, it is recommended to gradually increase calorie intake throughout the pregnancy.

#2 Calorie needs also increase as the baby grows, and your body requires more energy to support this new life.

Next Steps.

1st trimester: Generally does not require any extra calories, just a nutrient dense diet.

2nd trimester: An extra 300-350 calories per day.

3rd trimester: An extra 400-450 calories per day.

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