Moms in the Workplace: Know YOUR Rights about Breastfeeding

Content by: Department of Labor, US Federal Government

Women in the workplace have wonderful options, due to key legislation that requires employers to provide space and time for lactating mothers...Read More!

Moms in the Workplace:  Know YOUR Rights about Breastfeeding


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Yes, there are breastfeeding rights! Breastfeeding rights have been established and are protected under law for one year after your baby’s birth. However, if you plan to breastfeed longer than one year, then discuss this with your employer.

Quick Tips!

Act early and educate!
1. Talk to your employer about your pumping needs, before going on maternity leave. Planning and preparation allow you to collaborate with your manager more closely.

2. Use resources like the “Business Case For Breastfeeding” can help educate your employer about the value of supporting breastfeeding employees.

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Next Steps.

Further questions?
Look into the the Federal Law called break-time for Nursing Mothers! This law requires certain employers to provide space and time for mothers to pump at work. If you are not covered by this law, you may have State laws to protect your right to pump at work.

See this link for expanded understanding of the Guidelines by the Department of Labor:

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