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Macro Myths: Carbs

Sort through the facts and myths about carbohydrates!

3/23/23, 6:21 PM


A Look Into Carbohydrates

A deeper look into the function of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for all cells, and are necessary to fuel the central nervous system. Consuming fiber rich carbohydrates helps to maintain a healthy GI tract.

3/23/23, 2:59 PM


Benefits of Stretching

A consistent stretching routine is vital to increase flexibility and decrease the risk for injury during exercise. Read the article to learn more about the benefits of stretching as well as a few ideas for dynamic and static stretches.

3/23/23, 2:52 PM


Dietary Iron and Deficiencies

Dietary iron sources are readily available and easy to prepare. Identify iron-rich foods and the way the body absorbs iron.

3/23/23, 2:51 PM


Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is critical in a variety of ways and many people struggle in winter months... LEARN MORE!

3/8/23, 3:56 PM


Kids: Build A Healthy Plate

Reinforce good eating with kids! This FUN activity of printable coloring sheets and a presentation is used in helping kids learn to build a healthy plate. Ages 6-10.

3/8/23, 3:53 PM


Take it to Heart

Heart disease is one of the Top 3 Chronic Conditions in the US. Help your clients and patients reduce their risk for developing heart disease with a great group presentation, that is accompanied by a handout! BONUS: The handout contains a QR code ...

3/8/23, 3:38 PM


Eating Nutrient Dense Foods

What does it mean to be eating nutrient dense foods? And, why does it matter? Nutrient dense means... Read more here!

3/7/23, 10:05 PM


Meal Prep the Right Way

Wondering how to meal prep the right way? Confused about putting all the pieces together for healthy meals throughout the week? Read this article for tips on planning and preparing meals for a whole week. Download the infographic, save or share wi...

3/7/23, 9:15 PM


Sugar and Its Many Names

Decode the nutrition label! Some common ingredients that are equivalent to "added sugars" are found on a food label. Learn to identify alternative names for sugar and sweeteners.

3/7/23, 9:12 PM

Fruit Shakes

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