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How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget: Food Storage Tips

Content by: Sarah Bigbee, RD

Follow a few of these tips to make your groceries last longer and stay fresh!

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How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget: Food Storage Tips





🧅 Onions should be stored in the pantry. Keep onions away from potatoes.
🌿 Herbs can be stored wrapped in a damp towel and plastic bag in the refrigerator.
🥬 Leafy greens should be stored in a sealed container with a damp towel lining.
🍌 Bananas and apples should be stored on the counter. Keep them away from other produce.
🍎 For bulk apples, wrap individually in newspaper and store in a dark, cooler area.
🍊 Citrus should be stored loose in the refrigerator crisper drawer.
🥔 Potatoes should be cured by leaving them laid out in a cool, dry, dark place for about 2 weeks.
NOTE: Storing potatoes this way keeps the skin tough and last longer. You may store them in a ventilated box, cardboard box with holes cut in it.
🫐 Keep your berries dry by storing them in a ventilated container. Rinse right before eating.

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